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.0625″ thick so .125″ for both sheets
It takes roughly 2-4 BUSINESS days to print, laminate, pack and ship your item, plus the chosen shipping time.
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Sure, that is very common, just make sure you send two different files for the sides, we do not “flip” the images for you by default.
You can create your own marquee or side art using one of the samples at http://vectorlib.free.fr/. Artwork you create must be the correct size and it should be at least 200dpi, but 266-300dpi is preferred OR a Vector file using Illustrator. Leave the document in RGB mode which has a broader color range. Do not create a file in a lower dpi and then convert it to 300dpi, this only makes the file bigger and does not enhance the resolution. It will still come out blocky and actually worse then if you left it at a lower dpi. Start creating your image at 200 or 300 dpi at full size, in other words, if you are creating a 300dpi marquee that will print at 26×8” create it at that size. Design your artwork with the Marquee retainer in mind and leave a 1/2”-3/4” on the top and bottom empty.The file should be a .psd photoshop or .ai adobe illustrator file, or a .tif if using another program such as paintshop pro or Coreldraw.
The Control panel/Sideart will not stick well to bare MDF or bare wood. Always ensure that the receiving substrate is thoroughly cleaned, free of dust, dirt or cleaner residues. Poor surface conditions will cause adhesion loss or failure. Make sure to let the paint cure for a couple of days to let it “gas out” otherwise the gas could push the vinyl off, and you can get a bubble effect under the vinyl.
Proper contact of the adhesive to the mounting substrate is critical, and maximum pressure should be used to install the vinyl. If insufficient pressure is used during the install, the edges of the vinyl can lift. It is not recommended to use water and soap. Do not use heat guns to install vinyl. Material should not be stretched during installation. It is a calendered vinyl, and it will shrink back to original size, which might cause edges to lift or create gaps between panels Do not use paint with silicone based repellants in them which are designed to not let things stick to them (dust, dirt, debris, etc.) and resist stains, it will also not allow the vinyl to stick. Customer feedback regarding preparing the MDF or metal for installation One customer had an issue with bubbling after using “Behr Ultra Stain-Blocking Paint and Primer in one” please avoid until further notified. I’ve applied your sideart to laminated cabinets. (so that doesn’t help) and your cpo’s to metal (spray painted with primer and semi gloss black) also to wood (killz primer and home depot latex semi gloss “dark secret”) Used Kilz primer and Valspar semi gloss black. Both were applied with a roller. Used Valspar latex or rust Oleum oil based both paint applied using a foam roller. Turnarcades Custom Arcade Machines Obviously we’re in the UK so our commonly available brands will differ, but being so prolific I’d recommend any semi-gloss woodstain applied to MDF at least. We use an industrial paint not available direct to the public, but the closest is Sadolin extra durable woodstain (ebony), applied with a foam roller in a warm room. 2 coats is advised and a fine-grit smooth over sanding before applying artwork. It’s pricey but a 2.5l tin at just under £40 is enough for about 3-4 coats on two cabinets, if used sparingly (ie. exterior only). You can get 1l tins for around £20 though too, which may suffice if applied correctly.
Yes, just order a customer designed item and use our easy upload link.
It is printed on tough ADHESIVE backed Air Release Vinyl and is then laminated with a luster laminate. Just Peel and Stick! The sideArt can be printed in any size between 41” x 80”.
1) ULTIMATE Marquee is for people who want it all! They are printed on the same type of backlight material that you would find on today’s arcades and then laminated a great finish and durability. 2) ULTIMATE Marquee WITH ADHESIVE on the back, also laminated. The Ultimate is printed on a true backlit film and uses 100-200 yr pigment ink. Both marquees require plexiglas, either sandwiched or stuck to the front of a sheet. Plexiglass can be found at your local hardware store, in particular Lowes or Home Depot in the states
A: Go to Type > Create Outlines. Outlines should only be created once you are done with the work. Once the outlines are created the text is not editable, so remember to save a copy of your original file before creating type outlines.
A: Go to Window > Layers. In the layers palette, click on the arrow in the upper right corner, select “Flatten artwork”. You won’t be able to make changes after flattening, so save a copy of your file before flattening.
A: Embedding images should only be done when you are done with the file and no further changes will be made. Once the image is embedded it cannot be changed. Go to Window > Links to open your Links palette. Select the image you want to embed. In the links palette, click on the arrow in the upper-right corner, select “Embed Image”.

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