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Plexiglas added back

We recently hired our first employee! This has led to having more time and the ability to add back some of the items that were removed last year.   

We are now offering Plexiglas option again for our marquees.


Removal of some items from our site

We have removed some options from our site, such as Premium marquees.  We did this to try and streamline our business so we will have more time to focus on our family, fixing reproduction items and eliminating mistakes.   We also removed some of the items that do not sell that well. 

This may or may not be a permanent change.


Smash TV

 I wanted to show off some pictures of a Smash TV CPO we recently finished.  We worked with our customer to create contour cuts around the edges and pre cut out the holes on our Plotter, exactly like the original.  It came out great!  


Smash TV installed