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Did you design your item and need it printed? put this item in your cart, you can email me the file and the size and I will print it. 
For sizes larger than 18x10 please use the pull down menu below to adjust the cost. 

We can only use Control panel laminate on sizes up to 23x48" if you choose control panel laminate on a larger size, we will refund your order.  Choose Texture instead, it is very close to the look and feel.

Use our easy upload form found here, to upload your file.


 You can create your own marquee or side art using one of the samples at arcade art library or your own design. Artwork you create must be the correct size and it should be at least 200dpi, but 266-300dpi is preferred. Leave the document in RGB mode which has a broader color range. Do not create a file in a lower dpi and then convert it to 300dpi, this only makes the file bigger and does not enhance the resolution. It will still come out blocky and actually worse then if you left it at a lower dpi. Start creating at 200 or 300 dpi at full size, in other words, if you are creating a 300dpi side art that will print at 26x18” create it at that size.  We will print it the size you send it. Design your artwork with the any bleed in mind, its easier to trim the vinyl when you get it, than magically make it grow after you got it....

The file should be a .psd photoshop or .ai adobe illustrator file, or a .tif if you are using another program such as paintshop pro or Coreldraw.

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